Hidden Treasures of Buenos Aires

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Discover unique places that many porteños don’t even know exist!

We will walk along the first avenue in South America that is a faithful reflection of the European style of late 19th century architecture in B.A

We will also visit gorgeous palaces and other buildings and you will learn the interesting history behind them. You will discover where the criminals were held during colonial times when there was no jail to hold prisoners.

I will show you beautiful monuments and sculptures including an original sculpture of “the thinker” by Rodin. You will also see other sculptures that were designed by a Belgian architect who was one of the most prominent artists of that time.

We will visit the oldest shop in the city: a fantastic pharmacy:(the first one in the City) that is a living museum .We will admire paintings related to the pharmaceutical industry.

We will head into the station of one of the oldest subways in the world to view its original structure.

Enjoy a journey to an amazing palace full of analogies and references to Dante’s Divine comedy. The builder intended this place to be the resting place of the poet’s ashes. We will enter the artist’s interpretation of Hell.

We will stop at the headquarters of the “Mothers of Plaza de Mayo” (mothers whose children disappeared during the last military dictatorship) and we will visit a quirky political bar loaded with objects and references to figures like ‘Evita’, the ‘Che’, Martin Luther King , Fidel Castro, Chavez, Gandhi , etc. , in a sort of “Hall of Fame”. Also, hanging from the walls we can see pictures, posters and historical objects that show the Mothers’ many years of struggle and their relationship with the rest of the world.

Finally, we will end our journey at a mystical, quaint and cozy tea and coffee place. When inaugurated it was a spot for gauchos’ verbal duels.


People who like architecture, history, culture and for those who want superb photo- ops.



Note: This tour is not done in the traditional tour group style. Because we go inside several buildings that we visit you will get an extra personal experience of each place that most large walking tours won’t be able to offer.

Availability: Tours run Monday through Friday (except on holidays). Morning tour stars on or after 10:00 a.m.  Booking ahead is required.

Duration:  3 hours (approximately)

Price: US$30 p/p (Discount for students). Small group tour.


We will meet at a street corner in downtown: Alsina 380 (corner of  Defensa Street and Alsina St.) , at the “San Francisco” church. 1 block from Plaza de Mayo (May square)Map

Also, here are detailed directions on how to get to the meeting point:

Take the metro (subway – ‘Subte” in Spanish)  to Plaza de Mayo.

Three metro (“subte”) lines take you to the Plaza de Mayo. You have to get off at the last stations:

Line “E”   Get off at “Bolivar” Station

Line “D” Get off at “Catedral” Station

Line ‘A”. Get off at “Plaza de Mayo” Station

Walk down Defensa Street 1 block to Alsina Street.

We will be waiting outside the San Francisco Church. It is the only church at that intersection.

 Please contact me to reserve your spot:


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