Caballito Through the Ages

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“A Neighborhood (barrio) off the Beaten Track”

A unique walking tour that explores the hidden gems of Buenos Aires found in a neighborhood that you will not find in guidebooks.

This tour includes uncommonly visited city landmarks that deviate from your typical tourist locations. This is the tour to get insight into local life to learn about our local food, to see what the locals do and to have an authentic local cultural experience in a non touristic barrio and the one I live in.  All these are important aspects of immersing yourself into and coming to understand Argentine culture.

Throughout the entirety of the tour I explain immigration, gauchos, tango, and the historical and architectural evolution of the neighborhood.

We will travel back in time to the 19th and early 20th century to get a taste of the rich cultural and culinary history of B.A. We will visit an amazing historic market built in 1889, and there you will learn about our local food, fresh produce, etc.

I will show you an unusual place: an incredible old fashioned barber shop and gauchos’ bar (gauchos= Argentine cowboys) that also functions as the only living museum of its type in this hemisphere. It is a very cool place that feels like it is from a century ago and it was named as one of the best barbershops in the world.

We will stroll through “the English district” discovering its gorgeous diversity of architectural styles, all set among beautiful cobblestone streets.

I will take you to some other interesting places that are also far from the usual tourist stops so you will have an authentic local experience of the real B.A.

We will take a short ride on the bus, an important part of the everyday life of porteños (people from B.A)- Bus ticket included-

We will visit a 19th century colorful alley, one of the oldest in B.A., and the church Pope Francis was baptized in. It is one of the most beautiful churches in the city and the most awe-inspiring you have ever seen!

We will also visit a legendary tango salon that was once used as a grain silo. This unbelievable salon will amaze you with its bizarre variety of artifacts and art.

Finally, we will check out a truly impressive 19th century tea/coffee house and bakery with golden chandeliers, Italian marble floors, and French stained-glass windows. Some say that it looks like a Roman Palace from the movies!

Join me on this tour for a very memorable experience.


People who like art, architecture and food.



Also, this is the ideal tour for people who want some exposure to Argentine culture and history.

Note: This is one of the most popular ‘Off the Beaten Path’ tours. Because we enter several buildings that we visit you will get an extra personal experience of each place that most large walking tours won’t be able to offer.

Since this is not a strenuous walk, it is a great idea to combine it with my In the Footsteps of Dictators and the Auschwitz of Argentina tour.

Availability:  Tours run Tuesday through Saturday (except on holidays). To coincide with the opening hours of the places, the morning tour starts at 9:30 a.m.; the afternoon tour starts at 4:00 p.m.  Booking ahead is required.

Duration: 3 hours (approximately)

Price: US$30 p/p (Discount for students). Small group tour.


We will meet at “Plaza Primera Junta”, Rivadavia Avenue and Del Barco Centenera St., by the monument in the center of the plaza right next to the subway station. Map

To get to the meeting point, you could take a taxi or subway (Metro) line “A” (light blue color).   If you take the subway “A” you have to get off at Primera Junta Station. As you get off the train, go up the escalators or the stairs and take the right hand exit (exit “salida” number 2).

Please contact me to reserve your  spot:


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